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The right package for your car.

Is your Alfa Romeo 5-years old or older? Then our 5Plus Service offer is for you.

5Plus Service: $399

  • Competitive interest rates
  • The terms of the contract
  • Any documentation fees, set by the finance company
  • Any monthly account keeping fees the lender may charge
  • The final amount to be paid back including interest
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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the inspection?
  1. Check Warrant of Fitness due date
  2. Check for warning lamps or messages on dashboard
  3. Check operation of exterior lights
  4. Check windscreen washer operation
  5. Check condition of wiper blades
  6. Check pollen filter condition
  7. Check air filter condition
  8. Check horn operation
  9. Check key operation
  10. Check all steering and suspension components
  11. Visual check of front brake pads and disc rotor thicknesses
  12. Visual check of rear brake pads and disc rotor thicknesses or drum function
  13. Check integrity of brake hoses
  14. Check CV boots and steering gaiter boots
  15. Check operation of inner & outer CV joints
  16. Check all wheel bearings
  17. Visual inspection of exhaust system for leaks & defects
  18. Check Park brake operation
  19. Check drivebelts & tensioners
  20. Check if cambelt is due for replacement (as applicable)
  21. Check & top up engine bay fluids
  22. Visual inspection of engine bay for fluid leaks
  23. Check drivetrain fluid levels
  24. Visual inspection of underbody for fluid leaks
  25. Visual check of cooling system
  26. Check tyre tread depths
  27. Check tyre pressures and adjust as necessary
  28. Lubricate door hinges and locks
  29. Test battery and check terminals
  30. Reset service light & perform short road test
Will there be any additional costs?

If anything unexpected pops up you will be notified. No work will be carried out without your consent.

Do you offer tyres?

If you find yourself in need of new tyres, Gazley TyreLand have an experienced team to guide you through selecting the right tyres for your vehicle. On top of this we also offer wheel alignments, tyre rotations, puncture and alloy wheel repairs. Learn more here

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